• Peter

Chemical analysis

New German made, Lovibond, Spectrophotometer has arrived.

  • Latest technology The XD 7000 and XD 7500 spectrophotometers are equipped with VIS respectively UV / VIS reference beam technology.

  • Automatic test recognition Each of the more than 150 pre-programmed Lovibond® methods is recognized by barcode as well as the cuvette type.

  • Analytical quality assurance Standard procedures for analytical quality assurance support the verification of the photometer, the overall system (including the chemical methodology) and the verification of matrix effects.

  • Built-in security levels The devices support the assignment of passwords and the assignment of up to three different levels of rights.

  • Additional functions Measurement of transmission and absorption, spectral scan, kinetics analysis, as well as the creation of user-defined methods.

  • Interfaces for data processing You want to process your data? With Ethernet, USB B, USB A for external memory, keyboard, barcode scanner and printer different versions are available.

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