Sunshine & Cooloola Water Sampling & Analysis Agreement.

Once I have picked up your sample, or you have delivered to me, or agent, to an agreed drop-off location for testing, you have accepted our quoted fees, and agree to the following terms and conditions:
* Our quoted fees are valid for three (3) months from the date we provide them to you.
* Unless already paid in person or on our webisite, payment is due (7) days from the date of our invoice.
* You agree that we may withhold your analysis report until you have paid us for our services and any associated fees, including but limited to, any external laboratory fees including sample bottle delivery costs.
* All prices quoted by us are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST) unless stated otherwise.
* You can not cancel your water sample testing once we've picked up your sample due to costs already incurred; materials, time, transport, and due to the timely manner in which we must start the analysis.
* You are responsible for collecting your water samples following our verbal or written 'Sampling Procedure'.
* You are responsible for delivering your water samples to us within twenty-four (24) hours of collecting your water samples unless we agree otherwise.
* You are responsible for ensuring your water samples are representative of the water to be tested.

* Results will be ready in (1-2) working days, including Saturday, from the date of receiving your water samples, otherwise (7) working week days if sent to an external NATA Lab, for example Heavy Metal analysis.

* Water samples will be accepted by us any working day and weekend (if arranged).  Additionally, because we are a 'local' business, an arrangement may be made for samples to be received during Public holidays at our discretion with no extra charges, unless these charges are unexpected due to external factors.

* You agree we may contract your water sample analysis to another laboratory and disclose, however limited, any confidential information to them.


* You acknowledge that your water samples may be altered, damaged, or destroyed by us.

* We will dispose of any of your unused water samples once our water sample testing has been completed. You agree that we are not required to return your water samples to you unless we agree otherwise in writing.

* If disposing of your water sample may cause health, safety or environmental hazards, you agree to pay any cost for us to dispose of your water samples safely and as required by law.

Health and safety
* You agree to advise us of any health, safety or environmental hazards that you are aware may be present in your water samples you give to us.
* We reserve the right to refuse to conduct water sample testing where it may pose a hazard to health, safety or the environment.

Reporting & Privacy

* We collect your personal information to provide you with water sample testing and a water sample testing report, and not disclose your water sample testing report or your confidential information to anyone other than you or your assigned agent (tank or bore service/retailer) unless required by law or to investigate suspected fraud or other unlawful activity. 
* All our intellectual property will remain our property. We own the copyright in your water sample testing report. You may use and reproduce your water sample testing report solely for your own purposes. You do not obtain any other rights to our intellectual property by entering into this agreement.

* While all advice and recommendations are made in good faith, Sunshine & Cooloola Water Testing does not accept any liability or responsibility for the actions taken by an individual as a result of information provided. You should satisfy yourself that any information you rely on from any source is appropriate for your own particular circumstances.
* Where any legislation implies Terms in this agreement which cannot be excluded or modified then such Terms will be deemed to be included without modification.

* This agreement is governed by the laws of Queensland and you agree any dispute relating to this agreement will be determined by mediation or by the courts of Queensland.
* You acknowledge and agree that:
- our water sample testing is performed, and your water sample testing report is produced by us, solely for your own use and not permited to be used for any other purpose; and
- it is your responsibility to make your own assessment of the suitability of any purpose of our water sample testing, your water sample testing report and its contents and any information, advice or opinion given by us. In these terms and conditions,
“we/ us/ our” means Sunshine & Cooloola Water Testing (ABN 23134451277), employees, contractors and other agents.“you/ your” means the named person on the water sample testing application.